Alpha Taxis Isle of Wight Festival 2024

Alpha IOW | Located In THe Heart Of The IW Festival 2024

Step into a world where music history meets modern festival magic at the Isle of Wight Festival, a beloved annual event held on the stunning Isle of Wight. Since 1968, this iconic festival has hosted some of the most legendary names in music, from Jimi Hendrix and The Who to contemporary superstars like Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys.

Alpha Taxis is fortunate to be placed right slap bang in the middle of this iconic festival site. Situated just up towards the campsite a few metres from the festival bus station. To find us just look for our flags and neon display signs.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque English Channel, the Isle of Wight Festival offers more than just music. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with diverse food stalls, creative art installations, and thrilling amusement rides. The festival is renowned for its friendly, inclusive vibe, welcoming music lovers of all ages.

Every summer, thousands flock to the island to experience a weekend of unforgettable performances across multiple stages. Whether you’re camping under the stars or glamping in style, the Isle of Wight Festival promises an extraordinary escape from the ordinary.

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